On August 2, 2021, the International Union of Police Associations hosted a blood drive to aid in addressing the nationwide blood shortage that the United States is currently facing. Staff, friends, family, and officers gladly rolled up their sleeves and donated to help save lives. One of the donors, I.U.P.A. Web Designer Annie, was even donating for her very first time!

Laura, who drove the “Bloodbuddy” bus like a pro, and Rosa, who was a whiz with a needle, were the friendly, kind, capable, and caring phlebotomists who handled collecting the donations. Their passion for helping others and doing the hard work to save lives is commendable and appreciated. In fact, I.U.P.A. Receptionist Julia designed a very sweet card to make sure they knew their work was valued greatly.

Many of the men who donated gave 2RBC donations for double red cells and everyone else donated WB for whole blood. Donors must be at least 5’5” and weigh a certain amount to give 2RBC donations. Both types of donations help save lives.

The I.U.P.A. met the goal of ten units of blood and strongly encourages you to organize a donation event of your own. Contact the I.U.P.A. Research Department if you would like help locating the blood donation center in your area at alinaj@iupa.org. Let us know if you hold one, since we would love to share about it to encourage others to do the same!