President Katherine Zaimis of Virginia I.U.P.A. Local Prince William County Police Association, Local 5010, took her daughter Aurelia to the Easter Egg Roll. I.U.P.A. Local 5015 Secretary-Treasurer Joe Mirabile, of Prince William County, Virginia, who represented the I.U.P.A. at the event with them, accompanied them.

President Zaimis shared about the wonderful event and experience, “We had such a nice time visiting the White House, even in the cold! My daughter cried for most of the photos 😂, but she loved all the mascots and the tulip garden. Her favorite parts were the tulips and the flower arch (she is crying in the flower arch pic because I would not let her touch the flowers!) She was a little too chilly to do the Easter egg hunt, but the older kids were having a great time doing it! She got the 2022 wooden egg, a cookie cutter, a White House ornament, and a stuffed bunny to take home.”


Per the White House Historical Association article, “Origins of the White House Easter Egg Roll”:

Some historians note that First Lady Dolley Madison originally suggested the idea of a public egg roll, while others tell stories of informal egg-rolling parties at the White House dating back to President Abraham Lincoln’s administration. Beginning in the 1870s, Washingtonians from all social levels celebrated Easter Monday on the west grounds of the U.S. Capitol. Children rolled brilliantly dyed hard-boiled eggs down the terraced lawn.

For more on the history and to read the full article, visit their website.

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