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Calif. Gov. Signs Equal Pay Law Touted As Toughest In US


Kentucky State trooper killed in highway shooting


Police: Man suspected in Ky. trooper’s shooting is dead

Author: Kim D. Kolarik, The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal

Groveland Proves Why Police Needed A Union

Author: The Daily Commercial

What Police Go Through in Today’s World

Author: Will Aitichison

Groveland to pay back pay for officer fired unfairly due to union activity


Yet another complaint more proof that Groveland must work with police union

By: Lauren Ritchie, Orlando Sentinel


Final Order issued by PERC against the Sheriff of Lee County


Florida’s PERC decided against the City of Groveland a second time for dismissing a union-organizing officer

Click here for court document

Watertown Police Officers, Firefighters awarded Medal of Valor


Ruling says ex-Groveland cop unfairly fired due to Union activity

By: Scott Callahan

Hearing Officer issues Recommended Order in IUPA v. Sheriff of Lee County

Click here for court document 

IUPA mourns loss of Denham Springs officer James Foster

By: Officer Down Memorial

Can’t we all just get along?

By Pubsecalliance

Former Greenwood Village cop awarded $525,000 in firing linked to union activity

Click here for full court document


 News from Elsewhere

Memphis Police Officer killed; suspect identified

Congress decides to get serious about tracking police shootings

 By Hunter Schwarz

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