Baltimore Grand Jury Experiences Lethal Force Simulator

A Baltimore grand jury had to walk a mile in Law Enforcement’s shoes … simulated shoes that is. Jurors were handed fake firearms and placed in “realistic simulators” in which they experienced scenarios Police Officers confront on a regular basis, including a scenario in which the suspect attempted “suicide by Cop.” Jurors reported that their perceptions of Law Enforcement were forever changed, “Society has beaten these men and women down … We no longer consider them ‘Officer Friendly,’ and now we can understand why.”

The report continued, “For those of us who participated, we agreed that we were actually nervous about using our firearm. Each time, we contemplated whether we should use our gun or not, but we surely did not want to be harmed ourselves … we realized at that moment that we did not do as well as we would have liked. That experience made us consider that in many cases, Police Officers really do not have much time to think, especially in life-threatening active situations where a hostage may be in danger.”

Jurors went on to say that they believe that Law Enforcement and Corrections should have increased pay and improved working conditions. They stated that elected officials and more of the public should experience the Lethal Force Simulator. Their report called for “aggressive campaigning” to hire more officers and “statewide recognition and sincere appreciation toward our officers who daily risk their lives.”


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