International President Cabral’s Statement Regarding the Renewal of Providing Surplus Military Equipment for Law Enforcement - August 28, 2017

At the urging of the International Union of Police Associations and several other national police groups, today President Trump reinstated the ability of police departments to have access to surplus military equipment that is vital to their missions.

Reversing an Obama-era policy, President Donald Trump on Monday removed restrictions on the kinds of surplus military gear that the Defense Department can turn over to local police departments.

The issue has been a sensitive one since the Justice Department, under then President Obama, concluded that tactics used by police during the 2014's violent street protest in Ferguson, Missouri inflamed tensions and created fear among demonstrators.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced the change today.

I.U.P.A. President Sam A. Cabral, commenting on the reversal stated that: “This is yet another example of President Trump keeping a campaign promise and demonstrating, beyond simple verbiage, his continuing support for America’s law enforcement officers. I appreciate his efforts to do whatever he can to help keep our Law Enforcement Officers safe and help them to promote the safety of the communities they are sworn to protect.”