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Welcome To I.U.P.A.

What is the I.U.P.A. ?

The International Union of Police Associations is the only AFL-CIO union chartered exclusively for law enforcement and law enforcement support personnel.

The AFL-CIO affiliation places I.U.P.A. in a position of strength within the labor movement. While I.U.P.A.’s officers, active and retired law enforcement officers, fight to improve the lives of their brothers and sisters in law enforcement, I.U.P.A. works to improve legislation that protects and affects public safety officers, as well as representing the needs of law enforcement officers and support personnel, whether that be for better equipment, more staff or a fair wage.

Florida Legislative update as of April 21, 2014

SB 1114 is on the Appropriations Committee agenda for Tuesday, April 22. We need to oppose this bill immediately to prevent it from reaching the Senate floor. The Senate will convene on Wednesday, April 23. If the bill passes Committee, the Senate could take it up at any time. Even if it passes Committee, there is some question about whether it can pass the full Senate. However, last year it failed by only 2 votes. It is very important to strengthen our opposition.

HB 7173 has passed Committee and is on the House Calendar. The House convened on Monday, April 21. With adjournment set for May 2, both bills have time to be considered.

We have not seen any movement on HB 649 or SB 816. With only two weeks left in the legislative session, there is a good chance neither bill will be heard. However, they would seriously damage collective bargaining and destroy impasse proceedings if passed. We will watch them closely between now and adjournment.

How to find elected officials

For detailed information on your state Senator go to:


For detailed information on your state Representative go to:


Once you’ve found your elected official, don’t hesitate to contact a staff member of your state officials at a local office near you to get your message across as well. Office addresses and phone numbers can be found at the sites listed above.

To find a Senate Bill go to: http://www.flsenate.gov/Session/Bills

To find a House Bill go to http://www.myfloridahouse.gov/Sections/Bills/bills.aspx

Up Coming Events

IUPA Events
  • 03/15/2014
    South Florida AFL-CIO @nd Bi-annual Solidarity Dinner Miami Beach Resort Miami Florda
  • 10/17/2014
    Sarasota, FL - 2014 Legal Conference
  • 04/24/2014
    Coalition of Labor Union Woman National Executive Board Meeting, Leadership Training Conference and 40th anniversary
  • 03/25/2014
    PA AFL-CIO Constitutional Convention Wyndham Grand Pittsburgh Downtown, Pittsburgh PA
  • 03/25/2014
    Alliance for Retired Americans National Membership Convention Ballys Hotel Las Vegs, NV
  • 04/22/14-04/24/14
    AFL-CIO /LCC Union Lawyers Conference San Francisco Hilton, San Francisco CA
  • 05/10/2014
    WA AFL-CIO COPE Endorsin Convention, Exact Location TBD Seattle Washington
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