The Research Department of the I.U.P.A. is designed to provide locals with information and data to assist them in protecting the rights of their members through in-depth wage and benefit studies, contract language comparison, literature reviews, internet searches, and other methods.


Wage and Benefit Studies


Wage and benefit comparisons can be used to assist your local at the negotiation table or during preliminary budgetary meetings. The research department works with local presidents to design a study that meets the specific needs of their local. This can include tracking local or national trends in salaries, benefits, perks, bonuses, cost of living variations, population growth, and crime rates, among others.


Police Union News


The research department publishes the I.U.P.A. newsletter, Police Union News. This publication is designed to highlight current issues in policing and the labor movement. It is also an opportunity for members to share local issues and successes with the entire union. Members are invited and encouraged to submit articles for publication.


Information Requests


Information requests provide information on issues and topics that are pertinent to your local’s needs and are limited only by the imagination and need of the local president. We have gathered information on a wide variety of criminal justice and labor movement topics including:


  • Take Home Vehicles
  • Shift Schedules
  • Wellness Programs
  • Drug Testing
  • Social Media Policy
  • In-Car Cameras
  • PTSD Programs
  • Medicinal Marijuana
  • Personal Cell Phone Use
  • Clearance and Crime Rates


To submit a research request, call 941-487-2560. Please note that the President of the Local must make the request unless other arrangements are made.


Helpful Resources


Community Oriented Policing Services –

National Criminal Justice Reference Service –

Labor Relations Information System –

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics –

U.S. Bureau of Justice Statistics –

U.S. Census Bureau –

FBI Crime Statistics –

National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund –

FBI Uniform Crime Reports –


The Institute for Police Research (IPR)


The Institute for Police Research is a non-profit research organization affiliated with the International Union of Police Associations and funded by federal grants for studies on issues impacting the law enforcement community.


The IPR recently completed a study regarding the use and effectiveness of reflective vests for law enforcement officers. To find out more information about the study including results, findings, and information about reflective vests, visit

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