American University

Online Master of Science in Counter-Terrorism and Homeland Security. With this skillset, you will be well-positioned for work opportunities  in which these focused law enforcement and intelligence analytic skills are in high demand. For more information click here or call 855-725-7614 to speak to an admissions advisor.



24/7/365 Access to U.S. board certified doctors specializing in Family Medicine, Emergency Room Medicine, Internal Medicine, Pediatricians and Gynecology.


Nova Southeastern University

The M.S. in Criminal Justice from NSU can help you master the skill set you need to become the next link in the chain of command. You serve and protect – and we’re here to help with a 20% tuition scholarship for law enforcement, veterans, military, and first responders.

Take the next step at education.nova.edu/leadership/ or 954-262-8500.





20 plus years of tax season experience has allowed Tax Refund Services to provide our customers a tax season solution that is Easy, Affordable and Reliable.Please use I.U.P.A. Member, use discount code: IUPA40



The perks programs with more branding options, easy mobile access, and the deepest discounts in industry.


Present Arms

Present Arms is a veteran owned small business that provides professional firearm workstations. Enter “IUPA15” for a 15%  discount when checking out!



Health plans that help guide you toward a healthier life. Find coverage with benefits and perks for how you want to live.


Bank of Labor

Bank of Labor supports labor’s mission through their lending practices, alliances with pro-labor organizations, and financial contributions to labor’s worthy causes.



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