Ready Rebound

First responders put their bodies to the test every shift, and injuries are, unfortunately, a part of their job. we help police officers reduce their risk of injury, as well as deliver elite and expedited care when accidents happen either on or off duty. Learn more about Ready Rebound, click here!


Union Plus Scholarships

Since 1991, the Union Plus Scholarship Program has awarded more than $4.5 million to students of working families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education. Annual scholarship deadline is January 31 and it is open to I.U.P.A. members and their families.



As a Member of IUPA, you deserve to be able to Protect Your Family as well as, Your Community. How does your family financially survive if they rely on your paycheck? What if suddenly, you can’t work? United Workers Assurance Company (UWAC), formerly Union Now, has joined forces with Triada Insurance and created a very similar type of coverage except better than the one promoted by the “Big White Duck”. As a matter of fact, , for less and in some cases, at No cost to You!


And since its brand new, please call Cat Moriarty, IUPA Marketing Director, for more detailed information at 1-800-247-4872.