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2509, 2023

Photos of the Week: College and Career Day

I.U.P.A. Local Bogalusa Police Association, #85 Members Assistant Chief Troy Tervalon and Patrolman First Class C.J. McClelland both attended the College and Career Day in Louisiana to educate students from Ben’s Ford Christian School, Bogalusa High School, and Bowling Green School about career opportunities within law enforcement. There definitely appear to be some future LEOs in attendance! Each week, the I.U.P.A. Briefing Room features a photo that exemplifies the valuable part of the community that our Law Enforcement [...]

2509, 2023

Farmers Market Tips

Farmers markets are a great way to implement fresh fruit and vegetables into your week! Not to mention, you get to support your local vendors and reduce your carbon footprint since the produce does not have to travel as far to get to you. Due to the wide variety of options and some lesser-known fruit and vegetable varieties, the farmers market can feel a bit overwhelming. Read these 6 important tips to have the best shopping experience! Gain Knowledge of Seasonal Produce Plan Ahead Bring Small Change Identify Rotten Produce Don’t Be Afraid of Ugly Produce Organic Versus Locally Grown Check [...]

2509, 2023

Everyday Deals Plus So Much More!

Start taking advantage of exclusive savings and support built for union members and their families. You have free access to these benefits whenever you need them. All you have to do is sign up for Union Plus, if you haven’t already! Sign Up Now! What is Union Plus? Union Plus is a non-profit with a mission to make life easier for union members and their families. If you are a current or retired union member, welcome. You and your family now have access to free benefits and [...]

1809, 2023

Photos of the Week: Tip a Cop

Lawton Police Department officers; including I.U.P.A. Local Lawton Police Officers Assn., #24 Members; waited tables at Texas Roadhouse to raise money for Special Olympics. It was a wonderful event, full of smiles, good food and drinks, and great company. The department shared the below photos on social media, “From serving drinks, rolls, and taking food orders, the Lawton Police Department would like to thank everyone who stopped by Texas Roadhouse and tipped us to be your server! Because of your donations, we were able to raise just over $2,000 for Special Olympics Oklahoma! Together we can make a difference.” Special Olympics [...]

1809, 2023

Injury Prevention in Law Enforcement Officers Part VII – Affecting an Arrest

Last time, we covered blood flow restriction training and how this can be incorporated into your training to aid in prevention of injuries and improvement of performance. The final and just as equally important lesson as all the rest is the importance of recovery and nutrition.  So, to close this out, we should take a look at some startling science that recently came out and how this can impact our recovery. Cold Plunge – this is when you fully submerge your body up to your neck in water that ranges from 34° to 59°Fahrenheit for 3-10 minutes at a time.  Doing [...]

1809, 2023

What Happens When Term Life Insurance Expires?

If you have purchased term life insurance, and it’s nearing its expiration date, what happens next? Unlike whole life insurance, which provides coverage for the life of the insured, term life insurance is coverage for a set period of time where the insurer pays the beneficiary a lump sum amount if the insured dies while the policy is active. Typical lengths of coverage vary for term life insurance from five to 30 years. Term life insurance coverage ends on the expiration date stated in the insurance policy issued. Once the policy expires and the insured did not [...]

1109, 2023

Photos of the Week: Junior Police Academy

Carlsbad Police Department officers; including I.U.P.A. Local Carlsbad Police Officers Assn., #505 Members; hosted their very first Junior Police Academy. At the academy, kids learned about police work, how to stay safe, and about the police officers in their community. On social media, the department posted the below photos, “As a department, we value our partnerships and relationships within the community. We are honored to have been involved in this initiative, thank you to everyone involved in what we hope becomes a tradition, this is the very first Junior Police Academy!” [...]

1109, 2023

Enter to Win Your Vegas Trip: Heroes Vacation Club Makes It Possible!

Viva Las Vegas! Dreaming of a trip to Las Vegas? Well, now is your chance to make it a reality! Starting today, you'll be automatically entered for a shot at the Ultimate Vegas Trip Giveaway, perfect for the ultimate football fan, when you book a hotel, resort, or car rental before November 30, 2023 with Heroes Vacation Club.* Learn More! What Is Included In The Ultimate Vegas Trip Getaway? The lucky winner and their guest will receive 2 VIP Player Tailgate Tickets - the best pre-game tailgate [...]

1109, 2023

September Savings with Union Plus!

AUTO & HOME INSURANCE Want to save more on home and auto insurance? Union Plus connects you with Farmers Insurance ChoiceSM where you can compare home and auto insurance quotes from top companies all in one place and choose the policies that may be right for you. Get your free quotes today Disclaimer: Message produced and initiated by Union Privilege, 1100 First Street, NE, Suite 850, Washington, DC 20002. CA license #0E89960; NY license #1058096. Farmers Insurance Choice is used by agents, like Farmers General Insurance Agency, Inc. (CA License #0D25399) to provide a choice of [...]

509, 2023

Financial Training for First Responders

ANEW Advisors is dedicated to providing financial education for first responders at every stage of their careers. As a bespoke organization that understands the unique lifestyle and needs of first responders, they recognize the importance of equipping [Firefighters/Law Enforcement] with the knowledge and skills necessary to make informed financial decisions. Whether you are just starting out in their career, in the prime of your working years, or preparing for retirement, ANEW Advisors has tailored their financial training services to meet your specific needs. With a focus on empowering first responders to [...]

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