I.U.P.A. Local Virginia Beach P.B.A., #34 President Brian “Lucky” Luciano has retired after twenty-seven years of dedicated service to his agency and his community, his local, and the International Union of Police Associations.

I.U.P.A. President Sam A. Cabral wrote him a letter, “Throughout your career, you made significant contributions to the Virginia Beach P.B.A., serving for eighteen years on the Board and leading as President for approximately thirteen years. During that time, you have been an avid and effective advocate for law enforcement officers in your community to the City Council, the State House, and in Washington, D.C.  All of this was accomplished as you continued to work regular shifts, protecting your community.”

The letter continued, “Under your leadership, Virginia Beach P.B.A., #34 grew to over 500 members and significantly enhanced the benefits available to officers. You played a crucial role in getting step plans and securing the largest raises in the department’s history. You have been crucial in the political involvement of Virginia Beach P.B.A., #34; taking it to another level of political influence.”

I.U.P.A. Local Virginia Beach P.B.A., #34’s new President Aaron Dove, and longtime Board Member alongside President Emeritus Brian Luciano, presented him with the letter and a plaque from their local in a retirement presentation to honor his many dedicated years of service and significant contributions to Local 34 Members as well as the community of Virginia Beach, Virginia.