The I.U.P.A. is committed to aggressively using the law to advance the interests of law enforcement employees. I.U.P.A.’s General Counsel is Kevin F. Boyle biography .  I.U.P.A.’s Associate General Counsel is Holly E. Van Horsten biography. The General Counsel’s office:

  • Provides training to union leaders and attorneys on law enforcement representation.
  • Furnishes regular Legal Updates to I.U.P.A. attorneys and union leaders on new developments of interest to the law enforcement profession.
  • Publishes articles and pamphlets educating law enforcement officers and union leaders on law enforcement representation.
  • Renders assistance to local unions on lawsuits of interest to the law enforcement profession.
  • Represents parties, and files amicus briefs, in cases of interest to the law enforcement profession in the U.S. Supreme Court and other appellate courts.
  • Maintains a collection of briefs and pleadings for use by I.U.P.A. leaders and attorneys in litigation.


I.U.P.A. also provides additional legal services to local unions in the Full Service Program.

For further information on all the legal services, including full-service legal, please contact Kevin Boyle, I.U.P.A. General Counsel, by phone at 941-487-2560 or via e-mail at

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