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Photos of the Week from Virginia Beach, VA!

I.U.P.A. Local Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association 34 regularly feeds officers who work holidays and other events to keep us all safe. This July 4th was no exception. They fed hundreds of LEOs who worked that day to keep Virginia Beach safe during the fireworks. On their Facebook page, Virginia Beach Police Benevolent Association 34 posted, “Great day as PBA 34 fed several shifts and hundreds of officers (from various commands) who were assigned to MT. Trashmore to keep everyone safe at tonight's fireworks show. We had a full house of good friends and good food. Thanks to Mayor Dyer, Councilmen Berlucchi [...]

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Check out the Unions Power America Contest!

Share your story to win up to $25,000! You work incredibly hard to move our country forward — not just on the job, but at home and in your community too. Our friends at Union Plus want to celebrate all you do. Enter the Unions Power America Contest today for a chance to win up to $25,000! unionplus.click/labor22  Union Plus launched the contest to give back to hardworking union families in honor of Labor Day. They will be awarding $110,000 total in cash prizes to union members like you who make a difference, on and off the job. To enter, share [...]

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Legal Update: Good Faith Bargaining

Both parties have a responsibility to bargain in good faith. “Good faith bargaining” generally means the willingness of both parties to meet, at agreed upon times and places in order to discuss issues which are proper subjects of bargaining, with the intent of reaching an agreement. Incidents of bad faith include failure to meet at reasonable times and places, placing unreasonable restrictions as a prerequisite to meeting, refusing upon reasonable written request to provide public information, or refusing to negotiate because of an unwanted person on the opposing team. (See Types of Bad Faith Bargaining below for more examples, additionally you may [...]

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Photos of the Week from Vero Beach Youth Camp!

Vero Beach Police Department K9 Handlers James Doty and Chayse Hatfield conducted a K9 presentation at Oslo Middle School for the "Feed the Lambs" summer youth camp. The presentation featured K9 Officers Batman and Portus. In the department’s post, they shared, “The kids ages were 6 to 13. The kids were very attentive and asked lots of questions. They all got to pet the K9s. They all got McDonald's gift certificates for ice cream cones. They also got gift certificates for a Slurpee at any 711 Convenience Store.” [...]

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Advice from ANEW Advisors: 8 Step Summer Financial Checkup

  It seems like when summertime hits, time slows down. The hustle of the holiday season is over, taxes are complete, and vacation is scheduled. If you find yourself with a bit of extra time on your hands in the upcoming months, you may want to use this opportunity to check in on your family’s finances. While doing a thorough analysis of your wealth may sound intimidating, we have broken it down into eight simple steps to keep you focused and on track. Step 1: Analyze Your Budget In early 2022, the Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that the personal savings rate [...]

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Tips from UWAC: Is Music Good For Our Health?

  Every human has the ability to create music. You may or may not play an instrument, but you absolutely can hum, whistle, sing, tap, or clap - music! Maybe you prefer to listen or move to music rather than create it. Whether a trained musician, an amateur singer, a dancer, or a passive listener - you have a relationship with music. In addition, regardless of how you engage with it, enjoying musical experiences comes with benefits to your health. Recent research has revealed that music is beneficial to us in many ways. Musical experiences can improve our mood and mental health, [...]

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Photo of the Week from Grant County, Indiana!

Three I.U.P.A. Local Grant County Sheriff's Employees Union, #825 Members were recognized by the Grant County Sheriff’s Office for their meritorious service and extraordinary bravery when they ran into a burning home three times to rescue the homeowner from an upstairs bedroom while the fire department was in route and after they arrived shorthanded. Of their commendable actions, Grant County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook, “Sgt. Ryan Troyer, Sgt. Anthony Purdy, and Deputy Jalen Ward received certificates of appreciation. These officers were principally involved in saving the life of another person, or whose personal actions were directly responsible for the lifesaving act. [...]

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Wells Fargo Mortgage Program

  You may be closer to your new home than you think! Take advantage of low down payment options union benefits when you buy a home with the Union Plus Mortgage Program with financing provided by Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. Wells Fargo provides: Specialized loans for first-time homebuyers, buyers of newly constructed homes, relocating employees, military members, veterans, and more. Low down payment programs, including special pricing on our 3% down payment option on a fixed-rate loan, FHA, and VA loans. With a low down payment, mortgage insurance is required and will increase the cost of the loan and the monthly payment. [...]

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