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Ullico: Nearly a Century Providing Financial Security to Union Members

Our History Over 95 years ago, labor leaders formed The Union Labor Life Insurance Company to provide financial security to the movement’s members and their families. At the time, many union members were denied life insurance because they worked in high-risk jobs or because they were affiliated with a union. Without life insurance, families of union members were often left without the financial resources they needed if their primary wage earner was killed on the job. Workers could spend a lifetime providing for their families and see the fruits of their effort wiped away in an instant. [...]

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Photos of the Week: Veteran’s Luncheon

I.U.P.A. Local Hammond Police Association, #345, members, including many members of their board, along with other officers from Hammond Police Department in Louisiana helped serve lunch to veterans in their community. Hammond Police Department posted the below photos on their Facebook page along with the message, “Our officers were honored to help serve lunch to our Veterans at the Veterans Luncheon City of Hammond REC Center!” Each week, the I.U.P.A. Briefing Room features a photo that exemplifies the valuable part of the community that our Law Enforcement Officers all across the U.S. are and their positive impact [...]

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Holidays Message of Appreciation from National University

 November is a time to be thankful, a time to remember and embrace those who put their lives on the line protecting us every day.   Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and National University wants to take a moment to tell you how much we appreciate your selfless dedication and commitment to public safety.For over 50 years, National University, a veteran-founded non-profit university, has been making higher education both accessible and affordable.  Three years ago National University launched its Public Safety Promise which offers all members of public safety and professional staff along with their spouses and dependents a 25% Tuition Scholarship in over [...]

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What to know about diabetes and hearing loss

  Diabetes is a chronic condition that affects a person’s blood glucose levels. While the exact cause is still unclear, people living with diabetes may be at a higher risk of hearing loss. This might be due to high sugar levels potentially causing nerve damage to the inner ear. Diabetes is a condition that affects blood sugar regulation in the body. This can cause fluctuations in blood glucose, known as hypo- and hyperglycemic episodes. If a person is unable to maintain their blood sugar levels within a healthy range, this may increase their risk of complications, which could include hearing loss. The exact relationship between diabetes and hearing loss still remains unclear. [...]

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Get a mortgage that’s got your back!

The Union Plus Mortgage Program can help union members and even family members become homeowners. And the program comes with other perks too: a grant for veterans, gift awards after closing, and a safety net in the form of financial assistance in case of disability, lay off, lock out, and other eligible income loss.* Learn more about the support and peace of mind that comes with a Union Plus mortgage. Learn More  Disclaimer: *Additional information and eligibility criteria can be obtained at https://unionplus.org/mortgageassistance. Union Plus® is a registered trademark of Union Privilege. Wells Fargo [...]

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Health Tips: Health Effects of Vaping

  UWAC has been sharing health tips with I.U.P.A. members for some time now. This is the latest installment about the health effects of vaping: How does vaping happen and what is in it? The solvent contains What they tell you The truth Take-away Read though the pdf below to learn more.     Find out more at https://uwac.com/

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Save on your Fall Getaway with Heroes Vacation Club!

Join the Heroes Vacation Club to save on hotels, resorts, car rentals, and more! Save on Your Fall Getaway The season’s bright colors are the perfect inspiration for travelers to embrace the outdoors. Heroes Vacation Club brings you access to explore exclusive savings on resorts, activities, and more to get out and create new memories. Are you looking for some trip inspiration? Heroes Vacation Club has you covered. Hit the Road Cool weather makes it the ideal time to road trip and hike. Through Heroes Vacation Club, access car rental savings to admire this season’s incredible fall foliage. Harvest Season With [...]

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How to Work with ANEW Advisors

    First responders across the country have been greatly underserved when it comes to financial advice. As a result, it has been the job of leadership to provide the education and services that members need. ANEW Advisors looks to partner with first responder leadership to provide new or improved benefits to their members. But where do you start? The financial world is vast and navigating it can be difficult. We aim to turn that uncertainty into confidence and that starts with knowing what you’re up against. That is why at ANEW Advisors we hire retired first responders to guide you through [...]

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