I.U.P.A. Local 6020 Local Leaders from Broward County, Florida; along with attorneys Michael Finesilver and I.U.P.A. General Counsel Maria Kazouris; have been hard at work negotiating.

I.U.P.A. Local 6020 President Don Prichard discussed recent events in negotiations, “Yesterday, we attended the budget workshop with the Sheriff and the other union presidents. The Sheriff presented his budget to the County Commission and laid out a plan to get the Broward Sheriff’s Office back on track, aiming to provide the salaries, benefits, and infrastructure necessary for our agency to be in the top tier.”

President Prichard continued, “Following the workshop, the Sheriff met with all the union presidents and reassured us of his commitment to securing better wages, benefits, and equipment for us. He discussed his strategic plan, which includes raises for the Department of Law Enforcement Deputies and Sergeants. Although the DOD Deputies will be the first to see these benefits, he assured us that the DLE will also reap the same rewards within the coming years.”

In conclusion, President Prichard stated, “Additionally, our agency’s negotiating team is currently looking at dates for the beginning of July to resume negotiations. We are determined to continue working diligently to ensure the best possible outcomes for all our members.”

The photos below include one with the sheriff and union leadership which was taken after the county budget workshop where the sheriff spoke about his commitment to each union with regard to salary and benefits. The other photo is of union members who came to support the local and the sheriff in his budget request for additional funds in order to bring BSO in the top tier.