IUPA Harbor Patrol Officer Dips His Toe into New Water on Brotherhood Outdoors

A Wisconsin native, Daniel Roufus—a member of IUPA Local21—is accustomed to hunting large whitetails. Deer hunting grew into a passion for him after his father-in-law introduced him to the sport, which he is now passing on to his son. Waterfowl hunting wasn’t really his thing, he said, until he experienced it on a once-in-a-lifetime Long Island waterfowl adventure as a guest on the Union Sportsmen’s Alliance’s Brotherhood Outdoors TV series.

Roufus is a steelworker turned police officer. As a Milwaukee Police Department Harbor Patrol Officer, Roufus serves his community on the same waterways where he enjoys fishing. His role in the community and in the union go hand-in-hand.

“The outdoors is close to my heart,” said Roufus. “I am all about enjoying what nature has to offer, passing on healthy information, and practicing what you preach. The fact that this can be done while supporting union-based activities is the icing on the cake.”

Join Brother Roufus on his Long Island adventure. You can watch the episode anytime on MyOutdoorTV.com for FREE now through June 2021 by following these steps:

  1. Go to www.MyOutdoorTV.com
  2. Sign up/Register or Log In (you don’t have to start a free trial)
  3.  Search “Brotherhood” or the “Free Episodes” tab; then search for Season 12, Episode 9, “Long Island Jewelry”

Have you dreamed of being filmed on a hunting or fishing adventure? You can apply to be the next guest on Brotherhood Outdoors: www.brotherhoodoutdoors.tv/apply