Photo of the Week: Above and Beyond

I.U.P.A. Local Yonkers Police Benevolent Assn, #16, posted on social media, “Amazingly thoughtful and selfless work by PO Doug Clayton of ESU for his donation and by PO Mike DeRosa and the 3rd Pct. crew for facilitating this. 💙”

A Yonkers citizen shared this message with PO DeRosa, Yonkers PD, and Yonkers PBA, “I think it is very important and necessary to notice and speak about the good things and people that live and serve our community too. I had an incident where something was stolen from me. As a result, I called 911 to assist me in this matter. The officer that responded to the crisis was “Police Officer Michael DeRosa”. Now I just want to say that this officer’s presence was refreshing. From the moment he exited out of the vehicle, he was very professional and gave off a safe feeling. Usually, the presence of police officers sends out fear and anxiety, but not this officer. He made me feel comfortable, which made my crisis very easy. I explained to him my situation. I run a video game after school program where I bring my personal system into the school (where I am also a Teacher’s Assistant in the day time) so the kids can use.”

He continued, “Officer DeRosa then knocked on doors and did some questioning. He told me he would investigate further into the matter and would contact me the following day. The next day he  contacted me and had some information for me. Unfortunately, the information wasn’t enough to connect me back with my now stolen system. DeRosa saw how affected I was by this and he just knew he wanted to go above and beyond to fix this!”

He then shared, “2 days later, DeRosa and the Yonkers Police Department, on behalf of the Yonkers PBA, surprised me at my home with a Brand New PlayStation 5!! I know my kids at work are going to love playing with this new system. I wasn’t expecting The Yonkers PD to go above and beyond like this especially for a complete stranger like myself.  Usually, I’m the one who’s always helping and giving, so for people to go this far for me truly means a lot! I now feel connected to the people who serve and protect my community.”

He continued, “I just wanted to notice the officer for changing my perspective on the people who serve my community. Usually, you hear bad stories of coming into contact with the Police, but this experience eased any fear and anxiety I had So again thank you, Police Officer Michael DeRosa from the 3rd precinct. Sorry Batman, there is a new hero in town haha! This was truly a Christmas Miracle!”

Each week, the I.U.P.A. Briefing Room features a photo that exemplifies the valuable part of the community that our Law Enforcement Officers all across the U.S. are and their positive impact as well as their dedication, service, and sacrifice.

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