Photos of the Week: Medals of Valor and Purple Heart

Lawton Police Department shared about officers from their department who are also I.U.P.A. Local Lawton Police Officers Association members who received Medals of Valor and the Purple Heart in Oklahoma. The department post read, “The Lawton Police Department would like to recognize and congratulate Lt. John Bordelon, Officer Ney, and Detectives M. Powers and J. Dawson.”

The post continued, “On January 10th, 2022, detectives with the Lawton Police Department were conducting surveillance on possible drug suspects in our community. During their surveillance they witnessed one of the suspects storing large bags of possible narcotics into their vehicle. As they were leaving, Lt. Bordelon initiated a traffic stop, but the vehicle refused to pull over and a vehicle pursuit started. Det. Dawson, Powers, and Ofc. Ney quickly engaged in the pursuit to assist Lt. Bordelon. As the pursuit continued out of city limits, the suspects began firing at our officers.”

The post continued, “With the first volley of gunfire, Lt. Bordelon’s windshield was hit multiple times. With the second volley of gunfire, a bullet was fired into Lt. Bordelon’s windshield, hitting his lapel mic and ricocheting into his face. Lt. Bordelon was able to pull over to allow the other officers to continue the pursuit. After several miles into the pursuit, the driver lost control of the vehicle and fled on foot. Detectives along with several officers were able to locate all the suspects and take them into custody.”

The post concluded with, “The suspects were charged with multiple narcotic offenses, eluding a police officer, and shooting with the intent to kill. As a result of the brave actions of our officers, the Oklahoma Association of Chiefs of Police (OACP) is awarding Detectives Powers, Dawson, and Officer Ney with the Medal of Valor and Lt. Bordelon with the Medal of Valor and Purple Heart. Thank you for your dedicated service to our citizens and to the City of Lawton.”

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