Hearing aids, adjustment, care, and shopping.

A hearing aid is a device that you wear in or behind your ear to help make some sounds louder so that a person with hearing loss can listen, communicate, and participate more fully in daily activities.

If you think you may have a hearing loss you can visit either an Otolaryngologist who specializes in ear nose and throat disorders or an Audiologist who identifies and measures hearing loss by performing a hearing test.

The hearing aid that will work best for you depends on the kind and severity of your hearing loss. If you have a loss in both ears, two hearing aids are generally recommended because two aids provide a more natural signal to the brain.

Your hearing aid professional will help you select a hearing aid that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

Above all, when you ask “what are hearing aids”, don’t be taken in by devices that simply amplify sound (make sounds louder). These can actually make your situation worse. Hearing aids today can do much more and even protect your hearing from additional damage. Talk to your audiologist about what hearing aids can do for you.

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