The I.U.P.A. IT Department works hard to keep our headquarters safe from hackers and ensure that everything runs smoothly. They also provide top-notch technological support to our locals and share IT tips in our blog, the I.U.P.A. Briefing Room.

This IT Update provides

  • Know your trusted sources
  • Avoid sending private, personal information
  • Use your spam filter
  • Some emails can mimic emails from a real source
  • Be wary of emails that create a sense of urgency
  • Be wary of clicking on untrustworthy links and attachments
  • Links and attachments can contain malware and viruses
  • Never download attachments with .exe, .vbs, or .bat in the file name
  • Your bank will never ask you for your account or personal information
  • Use business email and not personal email

Watch the video below to learn more!