Life Insurance…It’s not about you. Life insurance is something you do to help protect those you love so they don’t suffer financially if your income is no longer there. Life insurance can be the only thing that stands between your loved ones and financial hardship.

Life insurance is needed for the “what-ifs” in life. What if I die unexpectedly? Could my family continue to live in our home? Would my children have the funds to attend college? Will my family have the funds on hand to pay for my funeral and final expenses? Life insurance is there to provide financial help to those affected by the “what if” situations.

There are two types of insurance: whole life and term life. The specifics of your life — age, income, and other factors — help determine which type of and how much life insurance is appropriate for you.

But one fact remains true: funds for your funeral and final expenses will always be needed.

If the loss of your income negatively impacts those who depend on you, consider adding a term life policy to a whole life policy. Term life insurance can help your family if you die during your peak earning and asset accumulation years.

Whole Life Insurance and What It Does

  • Provides coverage for your entire life
  • Premiums never increase during ownership of your whole life policy
  • Builds cash and loan value

Term Life Insurance

  • Provides coverage for a limited period of time
  • After that period, policyholders typically pay increased premiums to continue coverage
  • Usually less expensive than whole life insurance

Life insurance is for you them.

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